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The CUNY Writing Fellows Program at Hunter

      At Hunter College the CUNY Writing Fellows Program provides the services of Fellows from the CUNY Graduate Center (see, trained in Writing Across the Curriculum pedagogy, to work with faculty members who teach or plan to teach courses in which student writing is a central and regular activity. CUNY Writing Fellows can:

  • consult with faculty on writing issues, offering expertise in assignment design, assessment options, and writing-to-learn activities;

  • consult with students, offering tutorial services, including workshops and handout materials;

  • consult with departments, providing information and expert opinion on writing issues, helping to develop writing in the discipline and best practices in writing pedagogy.

      As CUNY Recommendations state, "Writing Fellows and college faculty members should work as partners." And at Hunter, they do. Writing Fellows have helped teachers revise assignments to help students improve their responses. Fellows have helped faculty create more targeted and efficient assessment tools to provide students with more, and more helpful, feedback. Fellows have worked with Teaching Assistants to help them understand student writing problems and adopt methods to address them. In several departments, Fellows have helped design courses and the writing components of revised curricula. And students have benefited from tutorial hours, writing workshops, helpful handouts, and extra instruction on writing provided by Fellows.

      Fellows have worked with faculty in 16 different departments and programs at Hunter, with more than two dozen full-time faculty and over twenty part-time faculty (as of Spring 2003). And faculty appreciate the Fellows' contributions: "Having a Writing Fellow helped emphasize the importance of writing to the course instruction"; "The quality of (the students') written work is so much better than in the past I can only attribute it to the time (the Fellow) spent with me and with them"; "(S)he played an instrumental role: in writing assignments, in explaining the writing process to students in the class, in providing me with feedback on how students are comprehending the material"; "(The Fellow) was quite invaluable helping me design and incorporate a wider range of writing assignments into my courses." By the terms of their fellowship, however, CUNY Writing Fellows cannot:

  • teach class (though they can provide in-class workshops);

  • grade papers;

  • assist in research (unless it is WAC-related);

  • provide personal services.

      The Hunter College Writing Across the Curriculum Program, including the Reading/Writing Center, supports the Writing Fellows at Hunter with ongoing training, consultation, materials, and follow-up services (such as supplemental tutoring, writing workshops tailored to specific classes, and expert consultation). The WAC Program recruits and takes requests from faculty and departments for participation in the Writing Fellows Program. If you are interested in working with a CUNY Writing Fellow, contact:
Dennis Paoli
Coordinator, The Reading/Writing Center
& Hunter WAC Program
phone: ext. 4014
Prof. Trudy Smoke
English Dept., & Coordinator,
Hunter WAC Program
phone: ext. 5742