Proofreading: Editing Practice (Exercise E)

     See if you can locate and correct the ten sentence-skills
mistakes in the following passage.  The mistakes are listed in
the box below.  As you locate mistakes, place checks in the
spaces provided.

3 sentence fragments ____          1 mistake in pronoun point of  
  ____  ____                         view ____                   
2 run-ons ____  ____               1 dangling modifier ____
1 irregular verb mistake ____      1 missing comma between
1 nonparallel structure ____         two complete thoughts ____

                         Too Many Cooks

     The problem in my college dining hall was the succession of
incompetent cooks who were put in charge.  During the time I
worked there, I watched several cooks come and go.  The first of
these was Irving.  He was skinny and greasy like the undercooked
bacon he served for breakfast.  Irving drank, by late afternoon
he begun to sway as he cooked.  Once, he looked at the brightly
colored photograph on the orange juice machine.  And asked why
the TV was on.  Having fired Irving, Lonnie was hired.  Lonnie
had a soft, round face that resembled the Pillsbury Doughboy's
but he had the size and temperament of a large bear.  He'd wave
one paw and growl if you entered the freezers without his
permission.  He also had poor eyesight.  This problem caused him
to substitute flour for sugar and using pork for beef on a
regular basis.  After Lonnie was fired, Enzo arrived.  Because he
had come from Italy only a year or two previously.  He spoke
little English.  In addition, Enzo had trouble with seasoning and
spices.  His vegetables were too salty, giant bay leaves turned
up in everything.  Including the scrambled eggs.  The cooks I
worked for in the college dining hall would have made Julia Child
go into shock.
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