Proofreading: Editing Practice (Exercise D)

     Identify the sentence-skills mistakes at the underlined spots
in the selection that follows.  From the box below, choose the
letter that describes each mistake and write it in the space
provided.  The same mistake may appear more than once.

     a.  Sentence fragment              e.  Faulty parallelism    
     b.  Run-on                         f.  Apostrophe mistake
     c.  Missing capital letter         g.  Missing quotation mark
     d.  Mistake in subject-verb        h.  Missing comma after
         agreement                          introductory words

                    Why I Didn't Go to Church

     I almost never attended church in my boyhood years.  There was

an unwritten code that the guys on the corner (1) was not to be

seen in (2) churches'.  Although there (3 )was many days when I

wanted to attend a church, I felt I had no choice but to stay away.
If the guys had heard I had gone to church, they would have said

things like, "(4) hey, angel, when are you going to (5) fly?  With 

my group of friends, (6) its amazing that I developed any religious

feeling at all.  Another reason for not going to church was my

father.  When he was around the house (7) he told my mother,

"Mike's not going to church.  No boy of mine is a sissy."  My

mother and sister went to church (8), I sat with my father and read

the Sunday paper or (9) watching television.  I did not start going

to church until years later.  (10) When I no longer hung around

with the guys on the corner or let my father have power over me.

     1. _____    2. _____    3. _____    4. _____    5. _____
     6. _____    7. _____    8. _____    9. _____   10. _____
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