Proofreading: Editing Practice (Exercise A)
     Proofread the essay below twice.  Read it the first time 
for structure.  Does it have a proper essay structure?  If so,
where should the divisions into paragraphs be?  Use the paragraph
sign, , to indicate where a new paragraph should begin.  Then
proofread again for sentence structure, consistency of tense,
person, and number, subject-verb agreement, et cetera.  Try to
find forty-three errors.

My Mother's Ideas About Marriage and My Own
My mother and me gets along pretty well. The reason we do is that me and her have alot of respect for one another, and sticks to this respect; even when we don't have quite so much respect for each others ideas. If you didn't respect one another, you'd argue a lot about ideas. For instance, we don't think at all the same about marriage. Take the whole idea of getting married, we start our differences there. My mother is all for it, she thinks everyone ought to be marry. If theres a adult over the age of twenty-five who wasn't married, my mother started trying to find somebody for them. In her eyes, nobdy is a citizen, a complete person, or even a respectable human being, unless they are married. I don't say marriage isn't all right, for the right people but I could imagine going through life without ever experience it. I certainly won't be married at twenty-five. When it comes to premarital sex. There again we part company. My old-fashioned mother believes in virginity for girls and a little discreet experience for boys, she wants her daughters to march down the aisle in white satin that means one hundred percent pure guarantee and her sons to have a good time and then settle down with girls like that. This is not for me; I believe in living with you for a while before even thinking about marrying you. Shes also old fashion about fidelity and divorce after marriage, while I'm not. She wants no adultery and no divorce. If anyone can ever makes it living like that once, which I doubt, they certainly can't do it today. If I get married I'll give it my best try, and any deal I make I'll intend to keep but if I find I'm married to a welcher someone who don't keep the other end of the bargin, why should I be stuck for life. Luckily, as I said my mother and I love and respect one another, she doesn't push her beliefs on me and I don't flaunt mine in front of her. In the end, I hope her faith in me will always be justify but I doubt that I'll be doing the marriage bit her way.
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