Sentence Structure: Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
(Exercise A)

     Read each sentence carefully.  If the sentence is correct,
write C on the line to the right.  If the sentence contains a
misplaced modifier, write MM and correct the sentence.  If the
sentence contains a dangling modifier, write DM and correct the

 1.  When jumping the fence, the rider was thrown by his horse. ___
 2.  Please give the desk to Mrs. Wooten with the brass inlaid    
     figures.                                                   ___

 3.  The team with the highest number of wins will capture the    
     championship.                                              ___
 4.  Diets are painful ordeals which help you lose weight.      ___
 5.  Doctors and lawyers with white hospital coats are well-      
     respected.                                                 ___

 6.  Designer jeans which cost a lot of money are worth the 
     price because they last forever, or at least until styles    
     change.                                                    ___

 7.  Handsome men are loved by women with hairy chests.         ___

 8.  While jogging down the street, a dog bit my neighbor.      ___

 9.  An army which lacks proper equipment will not be an 
     effective fighting force.                                  ___

10.  To enter the Olympics, an athlete must compete very hard.  ___

11.  Television influences children through its emphasis on       
     violence.                                                  ___

12.  Tommy with the red stripes is wearing a shirt.             ___

13.  Never buy a car from a dealer with a broken odometer.      ___

14.  Only give the book to Tony.                                ___

15.  American writers who live in Europe gain new perspectives 
     on culture.                                                ___

16.  The car was parked on the edge of a cliff which was rusty. ___

17.  Country music is loved by many people because it praises  
     simple virtues.                                            ___

18.  College students succeed in every aspect who work hard.    ___

19.  Hitting the tin roof, my sleep was disturbed by the rain.  ___

20.  Houses provide comfort for people with central air           
     conditioning.                                              ___

     Edit the following essay for dangling and misplaced modifiers. 
If you see an error, use the appropriate editing symbol (either DM
or MM) to label it.  Then correct the error.

     (1) I think you should meet my friends Ted and Fred someday. 

(2) They are a very unusual pair.  (3) Let me illustrate what I
     (4)  One day I decided to stop by their apartment.  (5) Ted
answered the doorbell dressed in a cowboy suit and invited me in. 
(6) Fred explained that their costumes were intended to help them
enjoy a spaghetti-western fully. (7) You can imagine my chagrin
when I noticed they were wearing genuine .357 Magnums.  (8) As I
looked around the room, I saw clay targets broken on the floor. 
(9) At that point, I began to worry about Ted and Fred.
     (10) Watching the movie, I observed them very carefully.  (11)
Their reactions were quite different to the western.  (12)
Engrossed in the fight scenes, Ted was oblivious to his
surroundings totally.  (13) Fred, on the other hand, fidgeted in
his seat until the violence subsided.  (14) I started getting
nervous and decided to leave.
     (15) Ted, Fred, and I parted company after that day.  (16)
Rumor has it that Ted tried to shoot his way out of a paper bag and
that Fred organized a posse to catch a marauding rat.             
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