Sentence Structure: Fragments (Exercise A)

Identifying and Correcting Fragments

In the blank at the right, write C if the sentence is correct or
Frag if the group of words is a fragment.  Make the fragments into
complete sentences. 
 1. While trying to sound aristocratic.                    ______________

 2. Most temptations should be resisted.                   ______________

 3. Dieted for a month with no visible results.            ______________

 4. The bright green plant with the red flowers on
    the windowsill.                                        ______________

 5. The youth tried unsuccessfully to save the                    
    drowning cat.                                          ______________

 6. Because desperation overcame prudence.                 ______________

 7. The yellow-and-red stained-glass ornament by
    the patio doors.                                       ______________

 8. Whenever I even thought of protesting.                 ______________

 9. Quickly and angrily threw the ball at his                     
    enemy's head.                                          ______________

10. He submitting his resignation to his supervisor        ______________
    at the same time.

11. While skating on the lake, the children scared                
    three geese away.                                      ______________

12. Colds being viral infections.                          ______________

13. While the flu is not cured by antibiotics.             ______________

14. Filled with happiness and excitement on this                  
    glorious day.                                          ______________

15. The child on the rusted swing by the side of                  
    of the lake.                                           ______________

16. Before he left on his first trip to Europe.            ______________

17. Although he was caught in an unhappy marriage,                
    John decided not to seek a divorce.                    ______________

18. Each year, approximately the same number of                   
    people get divorced as get married.                    ______________

19. Many people still catching colds in the                       
    spring because they don't dress properly.              ______________

20. The medical profession is a vastly over-paid                  
    one, according to some economists.                     ______________

Identifying and Correcting Fragments in a Paragraph

Read the following paragraph carefully.  If a sentence is correct,
then place a C over the number at the beginning of the sentence. 
If a group of words is a fragment, then place Frag over the number
and make the fragment into a complete sentence.

(1) When an American envisions a country and western singer, he 

usually imagines one of two types.  (2) The Nashville crooner 

complete with his fringed shirt and sparkling cowboy boots or the

outlaw in faded jeans, an old shirt, and scuffed boots.  (3) Both

visions are correct.  (4) From its origins in the traditional folk

songs, country music is now a very popular musical genre.  

(5) While styles of individual singers have changed from the down-

home look of Hank Williams in the forties and fifties to the

flamboyant wigs and arresting sequined gowns of Dolly Parton.  

(6) The songs essentially remain the same.  (7) The lyrics usually

tell a story about personal problems.  (8) Perhaps Hank Williams'

"Lost Highway," one of the best country songs, best expresses the

major themes: "A deck of cards, a jug of wine, and a woman's lies

make a life like mine."  (9) The lure of gambling, the heady thrill

of liquor, and the sorrow of unfulfilled love constant themes. 

(10) More recently, singers incorporating electric guitars, full

symphony orchestras, and synthesizers to create a more contemporary

sound.  (11) However, for all of the new rhythms, sounds, and

clothing, life's everyday problems remain the major themes in

country and western music.
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